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  • Elbrus Lite Package

  • How to order.

    Step1. Planning.

    Caucasus part:
    If you have 5 people in your group the Lite Package cost is 4400 Rubles per person, if more than 5 people the cost is 4000 Rubles per person in other case the cost is 4900 Rubles per person. Multiply number of people by the LP cost.

    Next step is transportation from Mineralnye Vody to Elbrus area. If there are more than 3 people in your group you have to order a minibus. If you are alone or in a group of 3 people you can order a car. We do not recommend to order a backward transportation in advance, because there may be possibility to share the transportation with other people on your way back.

    Shared transfer on the way From MinVody to Elbrus area: If we have a group on a particular date and vacant places in the bus we can pick up additional people at the airport. In many cases the availability may be confirmed only several days before departure. In this case we suggest to order a private transportation beforehand but if a shared transportation becomes available we will inform you and will refund money for the private transfer.
    Our on-line "Order Form" (left menu) will help you with calculations and ordering.

    Moscow part:
    It is easy to calculate how much does this cost.
    The only comment about hotel is that there are no triple rooms in the hotel we offer so if you are a group of 3 people you will be forced to book twin + single rooms.

    Consideration about transfers is that getting from airports is always very expensive if you take a taxi right at the airport. That is why it is cheaper to order a transfer FROM AIRPORT through us than to take a taxi. On the other hand taking a taxi TO AIRPORT may be cheaper than our transfer and also makes your more flexible. That is why probably it is better to take a taxi for transportation from hotel to airport. Hotels has a taxi service and also if you walk 100 m from hotel you can find a car for sometimes twice cheaper price without any problem. Also you can go by public buses and underground (metro).

    Our on-line "Order Form" (left menu) will help you with calculations and ordering.

    We can not accept credit cards or checks. The possibilities are: a bank wire transfer or Western Union www.westernunion.com cash transfers. We will send our payment details along with invoice. Payment for the Lite Package and all additional services (extras) must be made completely in advance within specified number of days after our confirmation.
    Our prices in 2009 are fixed in Russian Rubles. You can see the today's price in Euro and USD in the table above or calculate the amount using our Currency Calculator (left menu item). More about payment terms and conditions please find here.
    We can not accept cards but if you have to pay balance for us in the Caucasus (because of any service requested later on or because there was not exact amount paid) you can cash your card in a local bank office. They accept Master Card, Cirrus/Maestro cards. Bank fee is 2-3%.

    Step 2. Ordering process.

    1. Contact us by email with the question if Lite Package is available on a particular period. Discuss your wishes, ask questions.
    2. We confirm availability.
    3. You fill out the "Order Form" (left menu) online.
    4. We send you our offer with calculations and cancellation conditions
    5. If you agree with the prices and conditions you confirm the booking
    6. We send the formal confirmation of booking with payment details. You have to pay for the services in full then. The confirmation is valid for the number of days specified in the confirmation. If you do not pay within that period you must ask for a new confirmation and we do not guarantee same prices and availability.
    7. You send us passport details of the participants for visa support, reservations and other paperwork.
    8. We send visa support pages (as email attachment) to you along with some comments about visa procedure. You have to print out the pages and follow the instructions. Our visa support pages are individual so every person in a party can apply for the visa individually.
    9. You apply for Russian visa in the Russian Consulate (personally or by post or through a visa company).
    10. We send you meeting details by email and hotel voucher/reservation number (if you order a hotel).
    11. You will have paper copies of confirmation and invoice from our rep in Moscow or in the Caucasus. You will have registrations, permits and other papers from our rep in the Caucasus.

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