Payments: terms and conditions .

1. Prices for our tours are in Russian Rubles but we accept also USD and Euro.

- If you pay in Russia in our offcie we accept only cash in Rubles.
- If you pay in advance we accept only bank transfer (or any payment service with can direct money to our bank account) in USD or Euro.

Theoretically payments exactly in Rubles are possible to our bank account and our bank accepts them if they come. However we STRONGLY recommend not to send Rubles.
Rubles have specific method for transfer and in vast majority of cases foright banks can not do this correctly because of absence of such experience. Money will leave your account but never come to us. They will return to you finally in a couple of weeks.

We specially have bank account in a country of European Union to accept USD and Euro and make payments easier for foreign customers.

We accept payments for our service in Euro or US dollars according to the Central Bank of Russia official current exchange rate

Current rate and calculated cost for our tours are always available on our web site. Also you can use our Currency Calculator

2. Deposit is essential to start real reservation procedures.

Although we keep places in our tours after receiving Application forms we consider a tour really booked only after receiving a deposit. Minimal deposit is 5000 Rubles per person. A deposit may be made by bank wire transfer or by any payemnt service whci can direct money to our bank account. We do not accept cards. We send the link to the page with payment details along with confirmation of reservation after you sign up. Please find the details there.

When we receive any amount in USD or Euro we calculate the amount in Rubles according to current exchange rate.
We inform customers about received amount in foreign currency, date of receiving and calculated amount in Rubles as well as the final balance. Of course customers can send full payment at once.

3. Final payment for Elbrus tours must be received before the tour starts.

A tour must be paid before it starts. The final payment may be done upon arrival in our mountain hotel ( in cash in Rubles only) or by bank transfer (not later than 10 days before the tour starts, to avoid the situation when you are here but the money still on the way). In case bank wire does not come in time we will require cash payment. If the bank wire comes later on we will refund the cash on the spot.

4. Some important information.

  • If you pay by bank wire transfer more than 1-2 weeks after our invoice please visit the payment details page again to make sure the payment details are still same and correct.
  • If your tour is not completely paid in advance you have to pay the balance for your tour upon arrival in cash. If you have uncertainty about the balance ask us beforehand.
  • Russian Rubles is the only currency to pay in all public places: shops, ticket-boxes, cafes. You can exchange money either in the bank office or withdraw Rubles from your card in an ATM. There are no problem to exchange currency or cash cards or traveler checks in Moscow. In Elbrus region one can cash Master and Visa cards only and no any checks.
  • Remember: Our prices are fixed in Russian Rubles and only this amount stays same. If the cost in Euro or USD becomes higher in July than it was in February that does not mean we rise prices, that means Euro or USD went down against Ruble.