Day 4. Acclimatization hike and relax day.

We think that it is good to have a good rest before a summit day. That is why this day we will go for an acclimatization hike not higher than 4300 m (14100 ft) and return to the huts for rest. Depending on weather and time your guide may offer to have a short snow\ice\rope\self-belay technique courses. Our tours do not assume any previous experience and many participants in groups are novices. Your guide will give some
training just to make you feel more comfortable with crampons or ice axe but we do not expect you use any climbing technique when it really concerns safety. If there is a danger our guides will rope you up and make proper belay.

Although we do not recommend strenuous hikes on this day if you want to go higher our guide can accompany you but not higher than Pastuckhov rocks. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, overnight in the Barrels huts.

Sometimes if all people in a group are in a very good shape and have good acclimatization we can climb the top even this day. However the decision about this must be made on day 3.